scopeBusiness M

For archives at medium-sized organizations

Perfect for archive management at medium-sized companies, municipalities, associations, libraries or collections

scopeBusiness M maintains the functionalities of scopeBusiness S, but also offers the possibility of determining archive collections in the Intranet and Internet. In addition, archive users and loans can be managed. scopeBusiness M can be upgraded to scopeBusiness L or scopeArchiv™ at any time without the need for data migration.

scopeBusiness S, M, L

scopeBusiness is a standardized software package featuring modules from the scopeArchiv product family. The functional scope has been optimized and streamlined down to essential modules and functions. This reduces the complexity of the solution while also increasing its accuracy. The software is thus simpler in terms of the first steps, ideal in everyday use and is also attractively priced. Nonetheless, scopeBusiness meets the fundamental requirements of an archive perfectly and is thus the ideal solution for company archives and small public archives. Various optional plug-ins allow for expansion in line with needs, plus a full upgrade to scopeArchiv.

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Archive modules

Modules from classic archive information systems and dossier management

  • Description units LIGHT

    See Description units Pro, but with reduced functionality.

  • Descriptors LIGHT

    See Descriptors Pro, but with reduced functionality.

  • Loans LIGHT

    See Loans Pro, but with reduced functionality.

  • Partners LIGHT

    See Partners Pro, but with reduced functionality.

Web access / interface / web tools

For determining the archival content

  • scopeQuery Optional

    Research using archive material via the Internet/Intranet.

  • QueryFilePublisher Optional

    Creating and storing a copy of the files released for publishing on the web server.

  • Query order button Optional

    Placing orders for loans or reproductions via the Internet/Intranet.

  • Query synchronization tool Optional

    Synchronization of the public distortion data of the productive to the mediation database in EAD 2002. Can also be operated without scopeArchiv.

  • scopeGO! Optional

    Web-based maintenance of distortion units.

  • OAI-PMH interface Optional

    To mediate the distortion data according to the OAI-PMH standard.

Basic system administration

The starting point for scope products, plus the configuration of content and users

  • Data elements

    Design and maintenance of input fields in various formats, which can then be compiled and used for input forms. Data elements can be directly linked to code lists.

  • Forms

    Design and maintenance of input forms (masks) with elements defined earlier using the Data Elements module.

  • Codes

    Design and maintenance of codes and code groups (vocabularies), which can be made available throughout the system.

  • Reports

    Maintenance of existing reports. Capture and integration of self-developed reports.

  • System users

    Capture and maintenance of all system users (named users). Definition and maintenance of access authorizations for all system users (read, write, administer, etc.).


For the import of meta and primary data for the automatic generation of distortion units as well as the integration of images, media content, etc.

  • Image assistant Optional

    Conversion of digitalized image or plan files (vector drawings) into user-defined target formats (JPEG, etc.). Linking of source and target files to existing description units.

  • Finding aid assistant Optional

    Checking, cleaning and reorganization of existing finding aids in numerous source formats such as Word, Access or Excel via intermediate format (tab delimited) Loading of the checked finding aids into scopeArchiv (distortion units).

  • Transfer assistant Optional

    Automated processing of electronic delivery lists and deliveries (metadata and primary data) from external sources while maintaining the structure (formats: tab delimited, CSV, XML in accordance with separate interface specification). Quality control and data preparation before the data is transferred to scopeArchiv (description units, descriptors, filing plans).


For exporting and importing content (metadata and primary data)

  • Excel export plug-in Optional

    Export of data from the scopeArchiv modules to Excel.

  • Word template plug-in Optional

    Export of data from the scopeArchiv modules to Word. Creation of inventories.

  • EAD export plug-in Optional

    Export of metadata of the distortion unit according to the EAD standard APEX or DDB for the connection of the portals.

  • Data import plug-in Optional

    Import of metadata to existing distortion units with the choice of data elements to be accutalized.

  • Files manager plug-in Optional

    Management of linked files of the distortion units like upload, download of selected files of selected distortion units, activation for publication via the QueryFilePublisher for Query.

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