scope – the archive software for state archives

Public institutions, government bodies and state archives across Europe rely on scope technology

Large volumes of analog and digital data are managed in public archives and made accessible as freely and simply as possible – including classic administrative documents, collection exhibits and estates. In order to do this, a modifiable database and modern presentation and determination options are required in particular, in addition to structured data storage. With its flexibility and long-term archiving options, scope archive software is the ideal solution for applications in this area.

Prestigious state archives from nine countries have chosen scope

Canton of Aargau

Canton of Appenzell-Ausserrhoden

Canton of Appenzell-Innerrhoden

Canton of Basel-Stadt

Canton of Berne

Canton of Fribourg

Canton of Jura

Canton of Lucerne

Canton of Obwalden

Canton of Schwyz

Canton of St. Gallen

Canton of Thurgau

Canton of Uri

Canton of Valais

Canton of Vaud

Canton of Zurich

City of Amsterdam

City of Celje

City of Dresden

City of Frauenfeld

City of Koper

City of Ljubljana

City of Mannheim

City of Maribor

City of Martigny

City of Saarbrücken

City of Winterthur

City of Zurich

Municipality of Almere

Municipality of Riehen

Municipality of Vaduz

National archive of Luxembourg

Office for Culture, St. Gallen

Rostock municipal archive

State archive of Albania

State archive of Austria

State archive of Baden-Württemberg

State archive of Brandenburg

State archive of Hamburg

State archive of Hungary

State archive of Liechtenstein

State archive of Oman

State archive of Romania

State archive of Saxony

State archive of Saxony-Anhalt

State archive of Slovenia

State archive of Switzerland

State archive of Tyrol

Town of Nova Gorica

Town of Olten

Town of Ptuj

Town of Schaffhausen

These institutions also rely on the archive software from scope