Archive software that leaves nothing to be desired

scope archive software comes with a comprehensive range of benefits

Archives are an important interface in information lifecycle management. They are used to transfer documents (records), describe them and make the information available to the customer in the required form, at the required location and using state-of-the art technology. The advantages gained by archives in using our range of products lie in the optimal combination of all performance criteria and quality criteria, rather than their individual functions.

Value retention and reliability

Secures the service mandate

Our products cover all conventional archiving procedures and merge them seamlessly in a uniform system, resulting in easy handling and “Unité de doctrine” (procedural consistency).

Creates legal certainty

Statutory regulations and internal guidelines on transfers, loans, security and data protection can only be met with the latest IT tools. scope products help in complying with these guidelines.

Protection of your investment

A wide exchange of technical and organizational questions via the scope user group and other systems is a matter of course. The scope product range can react to new archival or technical innovations much better – and above all much cheaper – than in-house developments. This means that the archive remains up to date.

Flexible and efficient

Optimal cost/benefit ratio

The archive only needs to choose the modules from which it can draw the most benefit. The software is productive soon after the purchase is made, without the need for lengthy adjustments to the software and work processes.

Efficient development

By using our products, archivists can really put their demands on precision to the test. Even under such high precision, development is still faster, more transparent and with less errors. The processing of development backlogs – which some archivists have given up on in frustration – is now feasible again.

Flexible standard software

scope products are standard software, yet versatile enough to map the most diverse archival practices. Flexibility is always at the forefront of our solutions. The archive is able to change the functions, working methods, forms, etc. in the archive software themselves without having to rely on external support.

Uniform and easy to use

One database and one overall system for all procedures

When choosing the software, great importance is attached to individual, sophisticated functions. However, in subsequent operation the total number of functions and uniform functionality prove more critical. Uniformity creates decisive added value.

Solving the challenges posed by complex, digital transfers

Complex deliveries and data transfers – including electronic data from documents or business administration systems – are significantly simplified thanks to our tools.

Time for what matters

Using scope products means that employees have more time for important work. They have the freedom to develop their knowledge faster and to exploit their potential to the full.

Forward looking and sustainable

Staying one step ahead of the game

scope solution ag has set itself the goal of meeting future requirements before they are even implemented by the majority of archives. We were pioneers in the field of OAIS, for example, and are now one of the first providers of a product for the digital reading room. scope software can thus also be seen as the torchbearer for new methods and approaches.

Long-term partnerships

scope solutions ag is constantly expanding its offering in order to provide services in addition to its software and also become your ideal business partner (e.g. consultation on records management or other organizational issues). All scope employees receive constant training and are familiar with all aspects of archiving and its terminology. Our team is complemented by selected archivists who offer specialist support.

Proven, future-proof archive standards

Standardization leads to a concentration on strategic processes and away from perfecting rare special cases. Our focus is clearly on the implementation of these standards, whether the OAIS reference model or development standards such as ISAD(G), ISAAR(CPF), etc.

Appealing and customer oriented

Brings the archive to life

Archival records can be found rapidly and in their entirety thanks to intelligent search functions. This builds client independence and reduces the need for user services, meaning the image of the archive is enhanced.

Product overview

scope offers comprehensive standard solutions for public and private archives. These solutions have a modular structure and support all typical business processes seen in archives.