Benefit from the following additional services

scope in the data center / in the cloud

All archives, regardless of size, face challenging demands. Even smaller archives aim to (and indeed have to) provide their customers with a comprehensive service. However, the IT costs for operating such solutions can often pose problems in the long term. Cloud solutions can prove a cost-effective alternative. The physical infrastructure is shared by the cloud participants and made available to them individually as virtual machines, which leads to cost savings. All scope products are cloud-compatible, meaning they can be operated either in the cloud or in a data center for multiple clients. In doing so, the user doesn’t notice that the application is running “off premises”. All operations, database setup, licensing and product maintenance are handled by scope. Payment is extremely simple, with the customer paying an annual flat fee. Interested? Please contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

Storage of source code in your archive software

In collaboration with LLK Treuhand AG, Basel, scope offers clients the possibility of entering into an escrow agreement, which regulates the publication of the source code – including documentation – under certain circumstances. The escrow agreement requires a valid maintenance and support contract. There is a one-off registration fee as well as an annual fee for this service.

Other services