Maintenance and support

A maintenance contract for our products is mandatory and commences with the onset of operational readiness. For an annual fee – currently 22% of the license price – the customer receives all versions, releases and patches free of charge. Clients thus automatically participate in the further development and functional expansion of our products. Troubleshooting is also included in the maintenance agreement.


scope solutions ag runs a support center that can be reached via the following channels:

Tel: +41 61 690 96 34

Our colleagues are on hand to assist in any matters relating to our products. The current status of the support cases can be referred to at all times via our ticket management system “Zammad” ( In order to access this database, you have to register first. Requests for modifications or expansions can also be sent via “Zammad”.

There are two support models to choose from

Basic support

A copy of the customer’s database schema is kept at scope’s data center in order for queries and problems to be quickly and efficiently simulated and dealt with. This database is also often advantageous for migrations. Moreover, we also set up appropriate individual resources for remote maintenance at the customer. The basic support package also includes a certain amount of annual support hours free of charge (5, 10 or 20 hours).

Support on demand

Support is provided on demand and charged according to the hourly rate. Therefore, the client only pays for services rendered.

Other services