scopeBusiness L

For archives at large organizations

Perfect for archive management at companies, libraries and museums

scopeBusiness L comes with all of the features seen in scopeBusiness S and scopeBusiness M, but also includes the possibility of digital long-term archiving in accordance with the OAIS reference model. scopeBusiness L can be upgraded to scopeArchiv™ at any time without the need for data migration.

scopeBusiness S, M, L

scopeBusiness is a standardized software package featuring modules from the scopeArchiv product family. The functional scope has been optimized and streamlined down to essential modules and functions. This reduces the complexity of the solution while also increasing its accuracy. The software is thus simpler in terms of the first steps, ideal in everyday use and is also attractively priced. Nonetheless, scopeBusiness meets the fundamental requirements of an archive perfectly and is thus the ideal solution for company archives and small public archives. Various optional plug-ins allow for expansion in line with needs, plus a full upgrade to scopeArchiv.

Find out more about the functions that scopeBusiness L has to offer

Archive modules

Modules from classic archive information systems and dossier management

Web access / interface / web tools

For determining the archival content

Digital long-term archiving

For digital long-term archiving according to OAIS DIN ISO 14721

Basic system administration

The starting point for scope products, plus the configuration of content and users


For the import of meta and primary data for the automatic generation of distortion units as well as the integration of images, media content, etc.


For exporting and importing content (metadata and primary data)

Downloads: Technical Information

Below you will find the current system requirements as well as the release notes of the latest updates versions.

Find out more about the functions that scopeBusiness L has to offer

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