Five steps to your individual archive software solution

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The key actions in scopeArchivTM are intuitive and therefore easy to learn. They largely correspond visually to those of Microsoft Windows and the graphic appearance has been directly modeled on Microsoft products. During initial installation, user training virtually always takes place on mutually agreed course days, either on site or in the training facilities at scope solutions ag in Basel. Initial training follows the principle of “Teach the Teacher” (TTT). Here, selected persons (administrators, pilot users) are directly trained by scope, enabling them to further pass on their knowledge in-house. Users can work productively with the program after the initial training course. However, training is an important ongoing process and the only way to be able to take full advantage of the product’s versatility while maximizing your investment. In addition, the training of new employees must be ensured as the lack of in-house capacity can often result in the inability to provide these individuals with a comprehensive and high-quality introduction to the program. In order to address this, scope offers a complete training program (in German, English and French) where individual users or entire groups can take part in further training. If required, these courses can also be held on site. The scopeArchivTM user group occasionally also schedules courses in order to bring together larger groups. The current training program can be seen here:

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